Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Tarot Card Reading

Traditional Tarot card reading using the most famous deck of cards, the Rider-Waite deck.

Ask a question or simply see what the cards want to reveal to you.

Currently offering single card and 3 card past, present and future readings.

More spreads coming in the near future so please check back often.

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Oracle Card Readings

I am currently using a number of Oracle card decks and will choose the one I am drawn to for your reading.


Theses cards are perfect for a single card reading of the day and in answering questions like "What do I need to know about x?" or "What is the next right action for my highest good?" or "Where is this path leading me?"  

I also have two special decks of cards:

A deck for Essential Oils that includes a message as well as a related Essential oil or oils for that reading. 

A deck called Postcards from Spirit that are designed to give a special message just for you. 


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